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Newsletter Date of Issue Summary
Midas Displays - December 2015 - Issue 2 10 Dec 2015 OLED Displays suitable for wearable products
Midas Newsletter - December 2015 - Issue 1 10 Dec 2015 The Festive Season and associated office closures will soon be upon us, but it is important to remember that Chinese New Year is also looming and may increase normal leadtimes!
Midas Displays - August 2015 - Issue 1 11 Aug 2015 Mono Passive LCD Contrast
Midas Displays - July 2015 - Issue 1 6 Aug 2015 The MCIB-11 is an HDMI to RGB converter based on the TFP401A TI PanelBus Receiver IC. Ideal for connecting a range of Midas TFT displays to a Single Board Computer such as the Raspberry Pi.
Midas Displays - June 2015 - Issue 1 4 Jun 2015 VATN LCD's available from Rapid Electronics!
Midas Displays - April 2015 - Issue 1 21 Apr 2015 Take a look at our new 2x16 8mm Chip on Glass IC Character LCD displays. Now available at Midas Displays!
Midas Sensors - April 2015 - Issue 1 7 Apr 2015 Take a look at one of our most popular 40KHz Ultrasonic transducer pair from Midas Sensors.
Midas Displays - March 2015 - Issue 2 26 Mar 2015 Take a look at one of our 2 x 16 low cost LCD displays.
Midas Sensors - March 2015 - Issue 1 19 Mar 2015 Take a look at one of our most popular 40kHz Ultrasonic Transducer pairs from Prowave
Midas Displays - March 2015 - Issue 1 9 Mar 2015 Take a look at one of our most popular 2 x 8 character LCD displays, MC20803A
Midas EMC Jan 2015 27 Jan 2015 UK Manufacturing facility for Circular Connectors
Midas Displays - January 2015 - Issue 4 26 Jan 2015 Midas displays is pleased to present two new TFT displays to our product section.
Midas Components - January 2015 - Issue 3 19 Jan 2015 Midas Components are pleased to invite you to stand M26 at the 2015 Southern Manufacturing Exhibition at Farnborough from the 10th-12th February inclusive.
Midas Displays - January 2015 - Issue 1.pdf 13 Jan 2015 Midas Displays are pleased to announce their new range of letterbox TFT's. These displays can be used in many applications including 1U racking systems, POS, vending, advertising, messaging, etc.
Midas Displays Newsletter - November 2014 26 Nov 2014 See information on Midas Displays cost-effective Alpha range of TFT's!
New Short Form Catalogues 17 Nov 2014 Midas are please to announce the release of their new Sensors short-form, plus a brand new EMC line-card, which together with our existing Displays short-form encompasses the full Midas Components product range.
Midas Sensors Newsletter - October 2014 Issue 2 29 Oct 2014 40Khz Air Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducers
Midas Newsletter - October 2014 - Issue 1 22 Oct 2014 Review the latest lead time update, which will be effected by the Chinese New Year!
Midas EMC October 2014 Newsletter 7 Oct 2014 Midas EMC October issue contains information on High Voltage HEMP Filters.
Midas Components Newsletter September 2014 29 Sep 2014 This issue contains information on our NEW short form catalogues.
Midas EMC September 2014 Newsletter 29 Sep 2014 Midas EMC September issue contains information on Texas Spectrum Electronics.
Midas Displays September 2014 Newsletter 22 Sep 2014 Midas Displays September issue contains information on our full range of VATN LCD's.
Midas Sensors September 2014 Newsletter 8 Sep 2014 Midas Sensors September issue contains information on Patch Antennas.
Midas Sensors August 2014 Newsletter 29 Aug 2014 Midas Sensors August issue contains information on 40KHz Closed Ranging Transducers.
Midas Displays August 2014 Newsletter 26 Aug 2014 Midas Displays August issue contains information on Bi-Stable LCD's.
Midas EMC August 2014 Newsletter 4 Aug 2014 Midas EMC August issue contains information on Circular Connectors with in-built Lightning Protection.
Midas Sensors July 2014 Issue 3 30 Jul 2014 Midas Sensors July 2014 third issue contains information on Underwater Ultrasonic Transducers.
Midas Displays July 2014 Issue 2 28 Jul 2014 Midas Displays July 2014 second issue contains information on Monochrome TFT's.
Midas Sensors July 2014 Issue 2 23 Jul 2014 Midas Sensors second issue for July contains information on Ultrasonic Vibration Micro Nozzles.
Midas EMC July 2014 Issue 2 21 Jul 2014 Midas EMC second issue for July 2014 contains information on High Performance Filtered Connectors.
Midas Sensors July 2014 Issue 1 15 Jul 2014 Midas Sensors first issue for July 2014 contains information on Immersible Ultrasonic Atomisers.
Midas Displays July 2014 Issue 1 9 Jul 2014 Midas Displays first issue for July contains information on High Brightness TFT Displays.
Midas EMC July 2014 Issue 1 7 Jul 2014 Midas EMC first issue for July 2014 contains information on Power Surface Mount Filters.
Midas Displays June 2014 Issue 2 30 Jun 2014 Midas Displays second issue for June 2014 contains information on VATN LCD's.
Midas Sensors June 2014 Issue 2 19 Jun 2014 Midas sensors second issue newsletter for June 2014 contains information on Ultrasonic Accessories.
Midas Displays June 2014 Newsletter 18 Jun 2014 Midas Displays June 2014 First Issue contains information on MCT057HA TFT display & accessories.
Midas EMC June 2014 Newsletter 11 Jun 2014 June 2014 EMC Issue contains information on rugged USB connectors.
Midas Sensors June 2014 Newsletter 5 Jun 2014 June 2013 Sensors First Issue contains information on Midas 40KHz Transmitter and Receiver.
Midas Displays July 2013 Newletter 5 Jul 2013 July 2013 Displays Issue contains the shortforms for character and graphic OLED's and TFT's
October 2012 Displays Issue 4 Oct 2012 October 2012 Displays Issue contains Chip On Glass OLED displays, Chip On Glass 96x64 OLED display, and low cost TFTs.
September 2012 Displays Issue 14 Sep 2012 September 2012 Displays Issue contains Sunlight Readable 5.7" TFT, industry standard lcds, and cable/connector solutions.
July 2012 Sensors Issue 1 Jul 2012 June 2012 EMC Issue contains Spectrum Control General Purpose Tempurature Sensors, Spectrum Control Digital Triaxial Accelerometers, Spectrum Control Advanced Specialty Products L Band Antenna and, Spectrum Control Push Button Temperature Transmitter.
June 2012 EMC Issue 1 Jun 2012 June 2012 EMC Issue contains Spectrum Control Bolt-in Style Filter Plates, Spectrum Control Rugged USB Connectors, API Delevan LED Drive Hight Current Inductors/Line Choke and, Spectrum Control Large Diameter High Temp Solder-in EMI Filters.
May 2012 Displays Issue 11 May 2012 May 2012 Displays Issue contains Plug and Play TFT Displays, LED Backlight Colours, OLED Displays and, Display Driver and Interconnect Solutions.
May 2012 Issue 1 May 2012 May 2012 Issue I2C COG range in Farnell, 400PT16P Ultrasonic Transducer, Spectrum Control Power Entry Modules and, Spectrum Control Commercial/Industrial Circular Connectors.
April 2012 Sensors Issue 11 Apr 2012 April 2012 Sensors Issue contains Spectrum Control Antennas, Spectrum Control Push Button Tempurature Transmitter, Spectrum Control RT24 Surface Temperature Sensors and, Spectrum Control Snap-In Air Temperature Sensors.
April 2012 EMC Issue 4 Apr 2012 April 2012 EMC Issue contains Spectrum Control Hermetically Sealed Filters, Spectrum Control Advanced Ceramics, Spectrum Control Mini-Mil Connectors and, Spectrum Control Rapid Mate Connectors.
April 2012 Issue 1 Apr 2012 April 2012 Issue contains LCD/OLED development board, RS232 interconnect board, Spectrum Control three phase power line filters and, Spectrum Control digital triaxial accelerometers.
March 2012 Issue 1 Mar 2012 Newsletter contains LCD with I2C, SPI, 4 bit and 8 bit interfaces, Spectrum Control Single Line AC Filters, 400EP18A + Accessories and Spectrum Control Sens-A-Coil Temperature Sensor
February 2012 Issue 1 Feb 2012 Newsletter contains Tuffscreen, Spectrum Control General Purpose Temperature Sensors, Midas IC COG Character Displays and Spectrum Control PTC Thermistor Self Regulating Heaters.
December 2011 Issue 1 Dec 2011 Newsletter contains Power Entry Modules, Advanced Ceramics, Optoelectronic Devices and LCD Interface Boards.
November 2011 Issue 1 Nov 2011 Newsletter contains TFT Modules, Firewall Connectors, Optoelectronic Devices and High Reliability Inductors.
October 2011 Issue 1 Oct 2011 Newsletter contains Quattro LED Displays, Composite Shell Circular Connectors, I2C COG Range Displays and Established Reliability Inductors.
September 2011 Issue 1 Sep 2011 Newsletter contains Ranging Ultrasonic Transducers, L-Band Antennas, Ultrasonic Accessories and Metric Thread EMI Filters.
August 2011 Issue 1 Aug 2011 Newsletter contains TFT Displays, Antennas, Specialty Connectors and Audible Products.
June 2011 Issue 1 Jun 2011 Newsletter contains High Power LED's, Atomising Transducers and EMI Filters for 48VDC Power Input.
May 2011 Issue 1 May 2011 Newsletter contains Fordata Displays, Film Capacitors, Ortus Displays and Large Diameter EMI Filters.
April (Spectrum) 2011 Issue 1 Apr 2011 Newsletter contains Mini Mil Connectors, Rugged USB Connectors, Rapid Mate Connectors and Micro D Connectors.
March (OLED) 2011 Issue 1 Mar 2011 Newsletter contains a range of OLED Displays.
February 2011 Issue 1 Feb 2011 Newsletter contains Atomising Transducers, Surface Mount Inductors, Ortus Displays and Radial Leaded Power Chokes.
January 2011 Issue 1 Jan 2011 Newsletter contains High Power LED's, L Band Antenna, Everbouquet Displays and Advanced Ceramics.
December 2010 Issue 1 Dec 2010 Newsletter contains High Power LED's, Surface Mount Inductors and Radome Packaged Antennas.

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